John Lydon, Afrika Bambaataa & B. Laswell, 1984

World Destruction was a collaboration project lead by Hip-Hop and Electro pioneer, Afrika Bambaataa, and featured John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten) of the Sex Pistols and bassist Bill Laswell. The tune appears more relevant today than it did some 35 years ago. It’s a fusion of hip-hop and punk rock, loaded with deep basslines and a catchy synth loop. Many believed this was the first hip-hop-rock tune to come out before Run-DMC/Aerosmith’s Walk This Way in 1986. World Destruction was released December of 1984, six months after Run-DMC’s Rock Box which incorporated hip-hop and rock. Nonetheless, 1984 was the year when hip-hop and rock fused together with great success –